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This week’s discussion will be led by:

  • Katie

    Studio Director, Pearl

  • Lauren

    Culinary Wellness Expert


1/4/17 | 2:15pm

Last year I was taken off running, had high blood pressure and was struggling with back pain. I just saw the doctor yesterday and my blood pressure is the best it’s been since my running days! Barre3 helps me manage my back and my mood is better than ever!

Sadie 21a7edb36935b8d9e6d2b08534dcad8eb397d240f9199ea60d7cb832118a46cc


barre3 Founder

1/4/17 | 3:41pm

Courtney, your comment MADE MY DAY. I live for hearing results like this. I am really motivated to help other high-performing physical people feel AMAZING in their bodies while getting a challenging workout. And hooray for lower blood pressure!


1/5/17 | 5:37pm

I am so ready to seriously do my best with meal preps, since I've always struggled with that. Are natural juices okay during B3 ALL IN?

Sadie 21a7edb36935b8d9e6d2b08534dcad8eb397d240f9199ea60d7cb832118a46cc


barre3 Founder

1/5/17 | 5:52pm

Great question! I would avoid them because they are essentially sugar. Even the natural ones without anything added can really spike your blood sugar levels. One way to crowd them out (and still be happy!) is to add a splash to sparkling water or even tap water.


1/8/17 | 8:24am

Do you have any tips for clearing your mind and staying present during online workouts? Thank you!!

Sadie 21a7edb36935b8d9e6d2b08534dcad8eb397d240f9199ea60d7cb832118a46cc


barre3 Founder

1/8/17 | 8:55am

Dedicate a space to do your online workouts and make sure you have all the props you need to go deep. And if you haven't already, invest in bluetooth speakers for better music to motivate you. Lastly, focus inward. The nice thing about working out at home is you have more permission to really do what is right for YOU in the moment.

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