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Our comprehensive program is designed to maximize every part of your life for whole-body health.

Exclusive Workouts
  • 300+ workouts and how-to videos
  • New workouts every week
  • Weekly workout plans
Nutritional Guidance
  • 250+ healthy, easy recipes
  • New recipes every month
  • Support for dietary restrictions
Expert Support
  • Real-time instructor advice
  • Live Q&As with guest experts
  • Goal tracker + workout reminders

The Workout

Barre3 mixes the best moves of yoga, pilates, cardio, and weight training to balance your body while giving you a deep muscle burn and endorphin high.

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Work Smarter,
Not Harder.

Ditch the idea of no pain, no gain. Our low-impact 10-60 minute workouts optimize every minute without injury.

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On-Demand Expert Support

Have questions? Get advice from our founder, top instructors, and wellness experts.

  • Real-time support from our top instructors
  • Connect with guest wellness experts
  • Regular live Q&A sessions

Find Balance

Wellness advice, nourishing recipes, and a global community—our balanced approach goes beyond the workout to support your entire lifestyle.

Preview The Workouts

Whether you have an hour or just 10 minutes, we’ve got you covered.

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New Weekly Workouts

A new 30-minute workout each week, taught by our top instructors.

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300+ Online Workouts

Unlimited access to our digital library of 10-60 minute workouts.

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Guided Tutorial Videos

Our experts break down each move so you can connect deeper.

Several months in, I was totally hooked. No other studio I tried encouraged me to listen to my body.
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Start Strong. Stay Strong.

Commit to workouts and set yourself up for success with our new Goal Planner.

  • Set a weekly workout goal
  • Schedule workouts for the week
  • Opt-in for text or email reminders
  • Track progress and stay motivated

Goodbye Limits, Hello Results.

Our workouts adapt to your fitness level—no experience or special equipment required. Start streaming now to any device.

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